The Mt Kilimanjaro Project
1 - 20 September

Mt Kilimanjaro – Take Me To The Top

Debra will be taking a banner, made up of squares of fabric, to fly on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. This is a perfect chance to ‘go to the top’ in spirit even if you can’t do it in person. More >>
1 - 13 Sep-Oct

Mt Kilimanjaro – Your Way

Do your own Mt Kilimanjaro challenge by completing your 70km ‘asscent’ any way you choose—run, cycle, swim, walk, ski etc.  Do it all in one go or in bits—however you choose. More >>
7 September

Creative Catwalk

It’s back!  Now in its 5th year the Trustpower Community Awards Supreme Winner event is being held on Thursday 7th September
7 December

Golf Tournament

Lake Taupo Hospice is delighted to present our annual Golf Tournament at Wairakei International Golf Course and Sanctuary, Taupo.  With indiviudal and team competitions using the Stableford More >>