About Hospice

Hospice is a philosophy of care which extends beyond the physical needs of a person to their emotional, social and spiritual needs and those of their family.

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We love volunteers! Find out how you can get involved by becoming a hospice volunteer.

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Patient Services

When it comes to hospice palliative care, the earlier we’re involved, the more we can help.

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Health Professionals

Our palliative care services provide specialist and compassionate nursing care at home for people in our community.



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Donate to Charity

Make a donation to Lake Taupo Hospice

By donating to Lake Taupo Hospice you help maintain our free-of-charge palliative care service, which we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lake Taupo Hospice must fundraise at least $1 million each year. Your donation helps patients and families in the Taupo district.

“The support we received from the team at Taupo Hospice during Dad’s last weekend with us was something I shall never ever forget. Dad passed away quietly and gently at 10.20am on Sunday, holding hands with me and my dear Mum – his wife of 44 years. He was almost smiling as Mum told him soothingly that everything was ok and she would be all right. I just can’t imagine a better way to slip away – an incredible calmness that bookended a life well lived.
The fact that Dad could achieve the end he deserved is – I am sure – due to 3 things: My amazing Mum, my Dad himself, and the incredible team at the Hospice who supported us and him throughout his final great adventure.
That Thursday my normally awake and active Dad became less responsive and sleepier. Judy, our constant companion from Hospice popped out as she always did and provided some extra support to ensure Dad was very comfortable and relaxed. He spent the rest of his life with a very contented gentle smile on his face and an incredible aura of calmness. Judy was off over the weekend, but was on the phone regularly, supplementing the wonderful care of Christine who kept a very close eye on us with visits and phone calls throughout the weekend.
On Sunday morning I took the dog for a long walk – my Dad’s favourite pastime as he became unable to chase fish around the rivers and lakes of New Zealand – and arrived back home just in time to say a final farewell as he slipped away, his timing impeccable to the end.
Our first call after he’d gone was to the Hospice. Christine was on our doorstep almost immediately, hugging us and sharing our grief. Her calmness and support for us was perfect, and we were so grateful to have her there as we began the process of what to do next. Judy turned up almost straight after Christine left, still in her track pants on her weekend off, all the way out to see us and make sure we were ok, and share a great and well-needed cup of tea.
It was an honour to have been loved by a great man such as my Dad, who often taught me that life’s journeys are not just about the travelling or the destination, but are about the people that you meet. The people of the Hospice are those that you meet, and never forget. They helped us give my Dad the best possible final journey, and they continue to gently support us after he’s gone. My Dad deserved the end he got, and he couldn’t have done it without the Hospice team.” – Ian Swainson, June 2013

Did you know donations are tax-deductible?

Any individual who makes a gift of $5.00 or more to a registered charity can claim 1/3 of their taxable income or 1/3 of the total donations made in that tax year (whichever is the lesser). To do this you need to receive an official receipt from us which we will happily send to you.

How to donate

To donate online

You can donate now with a credit card .  This donation comes directly to us and you will automatically receive via email a receipt for tax deductible purposes.

By internet banking

We are very happy to receive your donation directly into our bank account.  Our details are:

Westpac Bank, 03-0430-0296315-00

Please use your name as a reference and contact us at finance@laketaupohospice.co.nz or by phoning Hospice House on 07 377 4252 if you would like a receipt sent to you.

To donate by post

If you prefer to send us a cheque our address is:

Lake Taupo Hospice Trust
PO Box 950
Taupo 3351

Please make your cheque payable to Lake Taupo Hospice and include your name and address so that we can send you a receipt.

Have you thought about making a bequest in your will to Lake Taupo Hospice?

What is a will?

A will is a statement of your wishes. It is a legal directive about how you wish your assets to be distributed after your death. A will ensures that your wishes are followed and it’s your chance to express your desire to leave a gift to your preferred charities.

What is a bequest?

It is the provision in a will to donate to a charitable cause.

How do I make a will?

By consulting a solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company.

Can I change my existing will?

You can review and update your will at any time and it is recommended you do this every 5 to 6 years. If you do not specifically mention a desire in your will it is unlikely to be valid.

Why make a bequest to Lake Taupo Hospice?

If you make a bequest to Lake Taupo Hospice you will be assured that you will be continuing to care for the terminally ill in your community well beyond your lifetime and that your financial contribution will be well-managed. By leaving a bequest you are not impacting upon your current financial situation, but make a real difference to those with future needs. Lake Taupo Hospice needs your support if we are to continue to offer free support to the terminally ill and their families in the Lake Taupo District and we sincerely thank you for your assistance.

How do I leave a bequest to Lake Taupo Hospice?

Contact your solicitor, or person who handles your legal affairs and they will create a will for you or alter your existing will. To ensure that your wishes are carried out as you desire it is important to use the correct words, so we suggest the following:

“I give to Lake Taupo Hospice Trust, Taupo the sum of $…………… (or % of the residue of my estate, or write description of property) for general purposes, for which the receipt of the Lake Taupo Hospice Trust Treasurer or other proper officer, shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

We would be very grateful if you would let us know that you have left a bequest to Lake Taupo Hospice. This way we can not only thank you but we can ensure that you receive our newsletters and are kept updated on different projects etc. Please be assured that your bequest will be kept strictly confidential unless you request otherwise.

If you would like more information about making a bequest in your will please contact our financial administrator, Debra Ridgway on 07 377 4252 or finance@laketaupohospice.co.nz

And again, a heartfelt thanks for thinking of us and the future generations through a gift in your will.

Are you our next hero?

We currently are looking for local companies who can join our team of hospice heroes.

Hospice heroes play a vital role in supporting the work we do by contributing the specialist skills we need to maintain our services.

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