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Hospice is a philosophy of care which extends beyond the physical needs of a person to their emotional, social and spiritual needs and those of their family.

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Health Professionals

Our palliative care services provide specialist and compassionate nursing care at home for people in our community.

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Take Me to the Top

Debra has now started her ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro with the banner in her rucksack.  However there are a very small number of squares still available (we added them in to make the banner complete).  If you would like to purchase one of these squares please complete the form below.

This is the perfect way to ‘go to the top’ in spirit even if you can’t do it in person and ’join’ Debra as she reaches the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Debra will be taking a banner, made up of squares of fabric, to fly on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Debra’s grandmother loved fabric, loved people and would have loved to have gone to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.  As Debra says “Because my grandmother loved fabric I thought that creating a banner made up of squares of fabric, to fly on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro would be a perfect way of creating a tangible memory of her, plus provide a perfect chance for others to ‘go to the top’ in spirit even if you can’t do it in person.  It gives a wonderful opportunity for people to share a memory of someone who would have loved to have gone too, recognise their own dream or simply support this amazing adventure.  Gran liked to embrace and encompass all people so she will be at the centre of this banner full of memories which will have such meaning for everyone!”

$50 per square

Available now!  Numbers strictly limited to 200 squares

How this works!

  • You ‘buy’ a square on the banner which can be either dedicated to the memory of someone, represent you, your family, group or workplace—or anything you wish really.
  • Each square costs $50 and there are 200 squares available.
  • You will be allocated one of the remaining fabric squares.  We will email you a photo of it so you can see which piece you have.
  • You can also send in your own story and a photo outlining why you are taking part in this project (max 500 words).  These will be collated and used to form the basis of a book about the banner and a public exhibition.


Buy A Square

  • of the person purchasing
  • of the person purchasing
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 200.
    SORRY - DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. We will select a fabric square for you and send you a photo of our selection. Please add any preferences of fabric (e. flowers / dogs / colours etc) in the comments box.
    Please scan and email this to us at fundraising@laketaupohospice.co.nz or post it to us at PO Box 950 Taupo. If you supply us an address we will return any original photos to you.
  • MasterCard

The Small Print

  1. There are 200 squares available however the final banner size will be determined on a maximum weight limit of 1kg so square numbers will be limited or could be extended because of this.  We also reserve the right to reject a piece of fabric if we are concerned over it’s weight.
  2. Squares will be allocated strictly on a payments received first basis.  Completing this form and submitting it without payment will not result in a square being allocated to you.  Forms submitted in this way will be held and allocated the next available square once payment is received.  If no squares are available you will be contacted so that we can return your payment, this form and any submitted photos or fabric to you.
  3. The final date for allocating squares is the 20th September 2017.  This is to allow for the banner to be created.
  4. By submitting this form you agree to your name, the name of the person/group the square is representing, any photos submitted, a photo of the fabric submitted and the story submitted to be used for future publications, exhibitions and/or Lake Taupo Hospice promotions at the sole discretion of Lake Taupo Hospice
  5. Should Debra not make the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro every effort will be made to have the banner taken to the top via porters or other party members.  However failure to reach the summit does not entitle you to a refund of your purchase price or any associated expenses.