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Assisted Dying – End of Life Choice Act

Assisted dying is now legal in New Zealand. This means that a person with a terminal illness, who meets strict eligibility criteria, can request assistance to end their life.

We acknowledge and respect an individual’s right to choose and will continue to support hospice patients in our community regardless of their views, values or personal wishes.

As an organisation, Lake Taupo Hospice has taken the position of conscientious objector. This means we will not be actively participating in the delivery of assisted dying services to end someone’s life. Palliative care, as defined by the World Health Organisation “intends neither to hasten nor postpone death”.  Palliative care is supporting a person with a life-limiting illness to live as comfortably and fully as possible until their natural death.

It is however important to note, regardless of personal beliefs or wishes, we will continue to provide specialist palliative care services for patients and their family/whanau.

-Lake Taupo Hospice