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Hospice New Zealand Syringe Driver Workshops

This programme is endorsed by Hospice New Zealand and is designed for registered nurses practising in a variety of settings, including hospital, aged residential care and community who may need to manage a syringe driver within a palliative care setting and required to demonstrate competency in its use.

To attain certification, each nurse is required to:

  1. Complete a workbook (this will be provided)
  2. Attend a 2-hour workshop, during which a practical competency assessment will be completed
  3. Complete a written test obtaining 80% minimum in the written component and 100% in the drug calculations

Following successful completion of the programme a certificate will be issued.

To maintain certification:

It is advised that nurses attend this course every two years to maintain their certification. If you have any questions on syringe drivers or syringe driver education, please phone Janine Colpman-King on 3774252 or email to discuss.

Programme Dates for 2017

Full Syringe Driver Progamme:

Thursday,     13th    April        10:00 – 12:30 pm
Thursday,     19th     October   10:00 –12:30 pm



Izard Hospice House
29 Huka Falls Road


Bookings essential and limited to 15 places.

Please complete the on-line registration form below.


Syringe Driver Workshops

  • Please Note: You will automatically be registered once this registration form has been received. You will be contacted if the programme is full or for some unforeseen reason the date may need to be changed. Please ensure that your contact details are legible and correct.