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Hospice New Zealand Fundamentals of Palliative Care

Lake Taupō Hospice will be running the Fundamentals Programme in 2017 . This workshop series will   commence on the 9th of  March 2017.  Most sessions will be delivered between from 1-3pm, except for  the Pain and symptom management workshop which will be delivered from 1-4pm.

The goal of the Fundamentals packages is to improve and ensure quality and equity of palliative care services for all people and their families, regardless of care setting. The Fundamentals package consists of 10 flexible learning sessions primarily aimed at those working in aged care.

The learning packages includes:

  • Essence of palliative care
  • Ethical issues in palliative care
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Palliative care for people with chronic illness
  • Palliative care for people with dementia
  • Communication skills
  • Last days of life
  • Loss and grief
  • Caring for ourselves
  • Introduction to spirituality

Izard Hospice House
29 Huka Falls Road

Bookings are essential.

Please click here for a Fundamentals of Palliative Care information brochure.

To print out a Fundamentals of Palliative Care Poster please click here and here.

Please complete the on-line registration form below RSVP by 28th February.

If you have any questions regarding Hospice New Zealand Fundamentals of Palliative Care Workshop series, please phone Janine Colpman-King on 3774252 or email to discuss.

Fundamentals of Palliative Care

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