About Hospice

Hospice is a philosophy of care which extends beyond the physical needs of a person to their emotional, social and spiritual needs and those of their family.

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Health Professionals

Our palliative care services provide specialist and compassionate nursing care at home for people in our community.



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We love volunteers! Find out how you can get involved by becoming a hospice volunteer.

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Family/Whānau Support Services

Supporting families/whānau through the journey of change, loss, grief and bereavement.

Coming to terms with serious illness and dying can be difficult and distressing for all concerned.  When someone is seriously ill, everyone around him or her is affected.  The patient and family/whānau may deal with a whole host of emotions, from anger to helplessness, fear or depression.

Through our Family Support Team, Lake Taupō Hospice provides patients and families/whānau with an opportunity to identify and deal with the emotional, social and spiritual impact of terminal illness.  The team includes social workers, kaiawhina, day stay coordinator, spiritual care, art therapy, massage, bereavement groups and more.

If you would like to know more about any of the following services or to book an appointment, please contact us at Izard Hospice House on 07 377 4252.

We have a range of family support services available for patients and family/whānau during illness and family bereavement.

Please note: Our services are offered based on an assessment of need and may include referral to and collaboration with other services.


Often the emotional pain and stress associated with illness or death can be as difficult to deal with as physical symptoms.

Lake Taupō Hospice offers counselling for patients and families facing illness, death and bereavement.  Counselling is a process that offers you an opportunity to safely explore your thoughts and feelings.

This service is free of charge, confidential and available to all Hospice clients and their family/whānau.  We can also offer telephone support to families/whānau.

Counselling provides:

  • Personal one to one sessions provided either in our family support room at Izard Hospice House, or at home for both our patients or their family/whānau members, as required.
  • Therapeutic support groups for patients and caregivers.
  • Skilled support volunteers are able to spend time listening in a warm and supportive way.
  • Guidance and assistance to individuals and families in communicating with each other in times of severe emotional distress.
  • Can help reduce pain, anxiety, fear and stress, allowing for relaxation and a greater sense of meaning.
  • Helps people to access their own resources, wisdom and strengths so they can find new answers and ways to live.
  • A time for listening and talking, for emotional expression and greater personal awareness.

Social Work

We are here to help you through illness, bereavement and the changes that you will be facing.

A social assessment helps us to identify your individual areas of need and possible solutions for you to consider.

We are able to help with:

  • Access to resources, social and community support networks
  • Knowledge of your entitlements
  • How to manage financially
  • Housing (including residential care placement)
  • Advocacy and support (for example with Work and Income)
  • Legal aspects (what you need to know about making a will and appointing Enduring Power of Attorney)
  • Funeral planning
  • Family meetings
  • Immediate and long term planning for your needs (including advance care planning)

Spiritual Care and Support

Spiritual care and well-being is an integral foundation of all hospice care.  It is provided by all staff in their many and varied ways of caring for you and your family/whānau.

Hospice offers holistic care to patients, family/whānau and caregivers.  It is founded upon attention to your personal, religious, spiritual and cultural values.

Spirituality and culture shape who we are and how we live.  Our commitment to Te Tiriti O Waitangi is reflected in our care for whānau and families according to their own unique spiritualities, cultures and faith traditions.


Our massage services are available at no cost to any patient or family/whānau member in our service.  Massage is an integral tool in the multi-disciplinary palliative care approach and is proven to benefit patients and caregivers on both emotional and physical levels.

Bereavement Services

Of all the losses faced in life, the death of someone close can leave the emptiest feelings of loneliness and pain.  While these feelings are a natural part of the grieving process, there may be times when it seems as if there is no way through.

It takes effort to pick up the threads of your life again.  Initially people often feel drained and tired, so it takes some time to recover.  It is common to feel in a vacuum now that the person you cared for has died.  You may have slowly spent more and more of your time being with them, thinking about them, planning and arranging things for them.  Now all this is over.  People often feel exhausted, tired and lost at this point.

Volunteer Bereavement Team

We have a skilled volunteer bereavement team on hand to offer support either via phone or face to face visits.

Kowhai Group

The Kowhai Group meets on the third Wednesday each month at Izard Hospice House and is a peer support group for those who feel they would benefit from the company and support of others who are going through similar losses.

Turangi Group

This is the equivalent of the Kowhai Group but based in Turangi and meeting fortnightly on Fridays.