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Hospice is a philosophy of care which extends beyond the physical needs of a person to their emotional, social and spiritual needs and those of their family.

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Our palliative care services provide specialist and compassionate nursing care at home for people in our community.

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Here are our current vacancies

Community Engagement/Fundraising Manager

The Community Engagement Manager role is an exciting opportunity to lead Lake Taupo Hospices’ community engagement and sustainable fundraising efforts: the outcome of which will directly support the development and improvement of our services as well provide the environment where we can grow and maintain a reliable and predictable income stream.  This is vital to enable Lake Taupo Hospice to sustainably deliver its services to patients and their family members.

At Lake Taupo Hospice we believe that by working in partnership with our local communities we have a unique opportunity to increase the awareness of the work we do, tackle health inequalities by making our services responsive and accessible and inspire people to give to, volunteer within and advocate for the services we provide.

This role combines elements of relationship building, stakeholder management and fundraising with a focus on raising awareness of, establishing local connections with and stimulating interest within the community in relation to all aspects of Lake Taupo Hospice.  You will develop strong networks and links between individuals, out volunteers, community groups, commercial organisations, our patients, their families and carers which progress Lake Taupo Hospice towards is financial goals as well as provide meaningful feedback to improve service delivery and accessibility.

As the Community Relations Manager you will be responsible for developing, managing and implementing strategies and activities that:

  • Create a collegiate, proactive and consistent approach to community engagement across all members of the board, staff and volunteers of Lake Taupo Hospice which successfully integrates with the work of each department and aligns to the current strategic plan
  • Raise the visibility of the work we do, benefits, achievements, outcomes and services delivered by Lake Taupo Hospice across all our differing communities
  • Stimulate creative dialogue opportunities that enable members of our local communities to feedback on and contribute to the development of high class accessible palliative care.
  • Inspire and facilitate opportunities for people and organizations to become regular givers, major and legacy gift donors or ongoing sponsors of Lake Taupo Hospice
  • Develop, Manage and implement fundraising activities/events that inspire charitable giving to Lake Taupo Hospice.
  • Result in the development of an evaluation framework that provides clear evidence of the impact of community engagement activity on agreed outcomes
  • The application of Grants for Lake Taupo Hospice in line with organisational requirements.

The role will require:

  • A high level of collegiate working with all staff (both paid and volunteer)
  • The building of positive relationships and strong networks across all areas of our community through targeted outreach
  • The creation and delivery of interesting and exciting engagement projects, events, experiences and initiatives, including ways of communicating with and receiving feedback from the community about Lake Taupo Hospice and its services
  • Being a visible representative of Lake Taupo Hospice in the wider community

The full position description can be found here.

The closing date for applications is Monday 22nd April 2019

To apply please click here


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